Romans 13 and the American Christian
Just what is the "Higher Power" to which we are to be "subject"?

“Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers; for there is no power but of God; and the powers that be, are ordained of God.  Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God; and they that resist, shall receive to themselves condemnation.  For Magistrates are not to be feared for good works, but for evil.  Wilt thou then be without fear of the power?  Do well; so shalt thou have praise of the same.  For he is the minister of God for thy wealth; but if thou do evil, fear, for he beareth the sword for nought; for he is the minister of God to take vengeance on him that doeth evil.” - Romans 13:1-4, 1599 Geneva Bible

I don’t present myself as a Biblical scholar. But I do study God’s Holy and truthful Word quite often for my own betterment, and particularly when preparing articles for this great digital newspaper, The Times Examiner.  One of the parts of His Word that I have long been perplexed about is the first four verses of Romans 13.  I find it confusing when trying to equate what my pastors over the years have told me that it meant, versus what I’ve been convinced it really means, based on the teaching of other pastors. 

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Obammacoccus Stupidicus
Digital illustration of the MERSOO Virus (Coronavirus) - Also known as the "Obammacoccus Stupidicus" virus, almost always fatal to common sense and patriotism. This virus causes severe brain damage, especially in younger people who have not built up sufficient "Conservative Antibodies" in their bloodstream!

We all know that the “zombies” have been among us for quite some time!  Stupid “zombie” shows on TV and “zombie” video games have long entertained the mentally challenged mouth breathers among the population, keeping them occupied and relatively harmless while the normal adult population tries to go about their daily routines, struggling in increasing frustration to keep their lives on a “straight line” despite the economic and cultural ravages being perpetrated against them by the Marxist enemies of freedom and constitutional government in Washington, District of Criminals & Communists, and to keep their struggling finances above water, and especially to keep their status as free citizens still intact.  Now add to this fantasy zombie fixation the real and serious plague facing all freedom loving Americans:  POLITICAL ZOMBIES (aka liberals/progressives/socialists, Dumbocrats, leftists (Nazis and fascists), and moonbats), and we have a potential disaster of significant proportions facing all of us.

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Lamb Freedom Governments
Governments "Never give freedom, they just hand out slavery with slogans." Was Caldwell just being sarcastic, or was she correct?

Last month The Times Examiner published my article entitled: Dear And Glorious Taylor, an in-depth look at one of my favorite authors, the late, great patriot, Taylor Caldwell.  In that article I referred to an article that Caldwell wrote back in 1974, titled: “The Middle Class Must Not Fail”.  Originally published by The Review of the News on May 29, 1974, it was republished in The New American Magazine on May 1, 1995.  The Review of the News was one of the magazines published by The John Birch Society for many years, but was eventually replaced by The New American magazine, also published by The John Birch Society, to which Taylor Caldwell had been a faithful member for many years.  It is that insightful and prophetic article, originally published so long ago, that I’d like to share with you now, because it surely applies to today’s events.

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Tablecloth Lamb 2023
Antique needle lace filet tablecloth: "God is Love" - Made in 1904.

Have you ever contemplated just who decides the fate of the universe, the locations of the stars, the courses of the seasons, the history and direction of mankind, the countries men and women inhabit, and the final destination of the lives of each and every one of us?  Who decides?  Who directs?  Who, if anyone, is really in control in this immense expanse of stars and galaxies, and on this tiny and insignificant planet?  WHO IS SOVEREIGN IN THIS UNIVERSE?  That is the question, is it not?

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Dietrich Bonhoeffer Lamb
This brave Man of God, this Christian Patriot, ultimately acted upon his beliefs. How can we do less?

“It is Satan, not God, who has been urging  you to become a coward in the raging battle between good and evil, and to leave what should be your duty all up to God.” - Robert Welch, 1972 (Founder of The John Birch Society in 1958)


In the two millennia from Jesus the Messiah’s founding of His Earthly Church upon the ROCK of His teachings and His love for a world of sinful people—i.e. upon HIMSELF, the battle between good and evil—the perpetual war waged by Satan and his willing followers against the people of God—against all things godly—spiritual—patriotic—and honorable, has never ceased.  From the day that the Great Deceiver tried to “tempt” our Savior, the Second Person of the Godhead, into “worshipping him” by offering Him the whole world, until this very time, when the worship of our one and only Triune God is being PURPOSELY diminished and ridiculed, and the freedoms once guaranteed to Americans by a Constitution codified by the blood and sacrifices of brave men and women of our past are being rapidly stolen from us by those same “willing followers” of Satan that have plagued Christian and moral and decent and freedom loving people since the Pharisees of ancient Jerusalem took to the streets like a horde of screaming “AntiFa” banshees, crying “crucify Him—crucify Him”, that struggle between good and evil for the “soul” of our nation has never abated.

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Our Liberties Are Being Threatened
On March 23, 1775 at St. John's Church (pictured) in Richmond, Virginia, Patrick Henry demanded "Liberty or Death" from his government. Today, "our" government seems determined to give Americans little of the "Liberty" and more of the "Death"!

All Americans should be familiar with the immortal words that did much to ignite the American Revolution back in 1775. But it’s discouraging to admit that some Americans, victims of modernist/progressive “un-teaching” of history, have no clue as to who said, “…Give me liberty or give me death”, and the circumstances leading to one of the most famous speeches of American history, or when it was orated.  Indeed, there are many Americans walking among us who have never heard of Patrick Henry,  have barely heard of the American Revolution, haven’t a clue as to the years it was fought or the country our Revolutionary patriots struggled against to attain their liberty.  How very sad!  How frightening!  To forget or ignore the past is to condemn the future!  If history teaches anything, it teaches that truth.  To paraphrase some wisdom from the past—those who forget history are doomed to live under the rule of determined tyrants who do NOT forget history! 

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Reflections On The America That Once Was
The Spirit of Christmas Past. How we long to reclaim it today!

Old Ebenezer Scrooge would have loved the ACLU (‘Anti-Christian Liberties Union’) in his really bad days when he was the “Grinch” who hated Christmas.  At this time of year, especially, the communist-oriented ACLU is burning the midnight oil in its unceasing struggle to “protect” us from reminders of just Who is “the reason for the season”.  Columnist Cal Thomas once quipped, The ACLU and other groups are performing their annual ritual of keeping the public square (including the ‘public’ schools) clean of any mention of Jesus Christ, unless that mention is intended as a curse word.  In such a case, the ACLU will leap to the defense.”  It wasn’t always this way in America.  Not by a long shot. But the curse of Marxist mischief and leftist gov-think has changed our nation slowly into one wherein the Word of God is only barely tolerated!  For how much longer is anyone’s guess.

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Wouldn't it be a true modern miracle if the
Wouldn't it be a true modern miracle if the "Spirit of Christ" really infused mankind?

To begin, I did NOT write this touching tale.  Its author is “Unknown”, at least to me.  Possibly his name was Matt Miles.  It was sent to me a year or two ago by a friend of mine in Georgia, a long-time Christian and patriot who, like me, is just about “worn out”.  He provided no attribution for this story either, but sent it to me with the words:  “What a blessing”!  I found it so, and I think you might also.


“It was Christmas Eve, 1942.  I was fifteen years old and feeling like the world had caved in on me because there just hadn’t been enough money to buy me the rifle that I’d wanted for Christmas.  We did the chores early that night for some reason.  I just figured that Daddy wanted a little extra time so we could read in the Bible.  After supper was over I took my boots off and stretched out in front of the fireplace and waited for Daddy to get out his Bible.

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One of Talor Caldwell's greatest novels, written in 1959.

One of the great benefits of living a long life is that one develops a deep understanding of history and how it shaped the present, as well as a humble appreciation of the people who helped make that history, both in the distant past and into the modern era.  It is one of the latter, a “titan” of literature, and a dedicated American patriot, whose long life I want to explore with you.  Her birth name was Janet Taylor, but we knew her better by her “pen name” that she used when writing:  TAYLOR CALDWELL (1900-1985)

I’ve written many times here in The Times Examiner that my wife and I have been members of The John Birch Society since 1963, 59 years of associating with some of the finest Christians and patriots I’ve ever known.  For many years, until her death, Taylor Caldwell was also aproud and dedicated member of The John Birch Society, and through her writing and in her sometimes hectic life she did what she could to help Americanists pursue the goal stated from the very beginning of the JBS by our Founder, Robert Welch:  “Less government—more responsibility—and with God’s help, a better world”.  Birchers still strive to accomplish Mr. Welch’s dream, and Taylor Caldwell did also.

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The Pilgrims boarding the Mayflower for their voyage to the new world. (by artist Bernard Gribble). Plymouth, England, September 1620.
The Pilgrims boarding the Mayflower for their voyage to the new world in Plymouth, England, September 1620. (by artist Bernard Gribble).

That is a question for the ages, isn’t it?  Most of us, I’m sure, have heard that term used  our entire lives as Christians and as Constitutional Patriots.  But what is “Divine Providence”, really, and has it changed the course of mankind’s history over the ages?  The Christian blog, “GOT QUESTIONS”, answers the question, “What is Divine Providence?” as follows:

“Divine Providence is the governance of God by which He, with wisdom and love, cares for and directs all things in the universe.  The Doctrine of Divine Providence asserts that God is in complete control of ALL things.  He is sovereign over the universe as a whole (Psalm 103-19), the physical world (Matthew 5:45), the affairs of nations (Psalm 66:7), human destiny (Galatians 1:15), human successes and failures (Luke 1:52), and the protection of His people (Psalm 4:8).  This doctrine stands in direct opposition to the idea that the universe is governed by chance or fate.”

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An Appeal to Divine Providence
An appeal to Divine Providence. A bronze sculpture of founding fathers John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson, by sculptor Stan Watts.

Last time I began a discussion centered on a sermon that one of our great “Heroes of the Faith”—and a personal hero of mine—delivered many years ago while he was Pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  I refer, of course, to Rev. Dr. D. James Kennedy (1930-2007), one of the finest examples of Christian patriots our nation ever produced, and one of God’s great and devoted servants his entire life after his Christian conversion.  (Just for information:  the “D” in Dr. Kennedy’s name stands for “Dennis”; and yes, Dennis J. Kennedy was a dance instructor for a time for Arthur Murray Dance Studio).  I’ll remind you again that I’ll be  using my own words as much as possible in this article, but I will refer to his words or paraphrase them when I must, to clarify the point he was trying to make in his sermon titled: REMEMBER.  I’ll do my best to communicate his thoughts from that memorable message he delivered to his congregation at Coral Ridge Church so long ago.

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“O give thanks unto the Lord, for he is good: for his mercy endureth for ever.  Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, whom he hath redeemed from the hand of the enemy.” - Psalm 107:1-2  (KJV)

“Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good: his love endures forever. Let the redeemed of the LORD tell their story—those he redeemed from the hand of the foe.” - Psalm 107:1-2  (NIV)

Rev. D. James Kennedy )1930-2007). Christian Patriot Extraordinaire!
Rev. D. James Kennedy )1930-2007). Christian Patriot Extraordinaire!

One of my great “Heroes of the Christian Faith”—a man who I admired for decades--was the late Rev. Dr. D. James Kennedy (1930-2007), Founder and long time Pastor of the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Founder of Evangelism Explosion International (the first Bible ministry to be established in EVERY nation and territory on the planet).  For many years he was Chancellor of Knox Theological Seminary, and was the Founder of the Center For Christian Statesmanship in Washington, D.C.  He was also the Founder of theCenter For Reclaiming America, a nationwide network of Christian activists and Bible believers  whose goal was to restore virtue to American culture.

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God will
God will "Bless America" once again when Americans determine to "Bless God" once again. Pray for our Nation!

One of the benefits of living a long time is that a person can mentally retrieve many recollections of people and places and events that were significant to him and to many others, once upon a time.  More and more I find myself drawn to an era and its unique remembrances that has just about disappeared from our people’s mental histories,  a time that is almost as unknown to today’s younger Americans as the time of our great-grandparents was unknown to us.  That time, for me, was the World War 11 era, from the late 1930’s up through the late-1950’s.  That was my “golden age”, and those who shared those end-of-depression and war-ravaged, yet in so many ways, halcyon years with me know that in many respects it was a much different, and far better, country then compared to the one in which we live today

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The original Bible, first published in Geneva, Switzerland in 1560. It was the Bible used by the Pilgrims and the Puritans.
The original Bible, first published in Geneva, Switzerland in 1560. It was the Bible used by the Pilgrims and the Puritans.

For the past 70 or more years, ever since the “modern” translations of God’s Word, our Holy Bible, began to appear on the scene, there have been dire predictions that “the Apocalypse” was about to come upon us, that the moon would turn to blood, and that the “end of the world” was imminent.  We still hear many of these same unfounded fears.  What has prompted these warnings from otherwise rational believers with their concerns regarding the affect that newer or more modern Bible translations will have upon the world of Protestant Christendom?  What has caused this “doom scenario” on the part of a portion of today’s Christian people? Some of the hysteria centers on what I believe to be “false teaching” found within certain Christian denominations, but that’s a discussion I’m not interested in pursuing.   

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"No one can serve two masters.  Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other.  You cannot serve both God and money.”  Luke 16:13.

Teddy was correct - In the US, we have room for but one flag, one language, and one loyalty to the American People!
Teddy was correct - In the US, we have room for but one flag, one language, and one loyalty to the American People!

Back in the “ancient times”, in February of 2001, I wrote an article for the print version of The Times Examiner titled: “The Growing Curse of Hyphenated Americans.”  I felt strongly about this problem of “divided loyalty” among Americans then, and I haven’t changed my opinion one bit since.  If anything, I’m more disturbed over the “curse” of hyphenated Americans today than I was then, when it was an irritating problem, rather than the impending catastrophe it has become.  If you are blind to this potential nation-shattering problem, you really need to read this article carefully.  If you revel in being a “hyphenated” American and/or you express divided loyalties to some other nation, you need to reconsider the error of your ways!

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Grasshopper and the Ant
"You silly ants. The government will 'take care' of you! Eat, drink, and be merry!"

“Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise.” - Proverbs 6:6 N.I.V.

I’ve written a couple of versions of this tale over the years, but considering the possible “existential importance” of the soon-to-be-upon us November, 2022 mid-term elections, a re-examination of the ‘moral’ of this hoary tale is in order. The original “story” is ancient, and probably goes back to the Greek poet, Aesop (ca. 620 B.C-560 B.C.).  It has been republished and “modernized” over the centuries by various writers. A version of this was sent to me several years ago without attribution, but from my research it appears to have originated in a very abbreviated form  on The Federalist, in an article by Steve Straub back in 2015.  I’ve amplified it quite a bit and changed it some to reflect our current “dilemma” caused by despicable anti-American Dumbocrats and cowardly RINOS, but the message remains the same.

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