"This march serves as a tangible way to stand in solidarity with persecuted Christians– to raise our voices where theirs have been silenced."

WASHINGTON -- For the Martyrs, a nonprofit organization advocating for religious freedom and persecuted Christians, will host its annual March for the Martyrs on Saturday, September 30th, 2023 in Washington, D.C. The event aims to raise awareness about the increasing crisis of Christian persecution globally and promote religious freedom.

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Upstate Pastor Is Presented The Order of the Palmetto from SC Governor

Pastor David Gallemore 40th Anniversary

Sunday, September 10th during the morning service at Rock Springs Baptist Church in Easley (RSBC), SC Senator Rex Rice (District 2 in Pickens County) presented in special recognition to Pastor David Gallemore for his 40th Anniversary as Pastor of RSBC. After jokingly referring to himself being nervous as a Presybertian in front of a Baptist pastor and recognizing his military service for our country, Sen. Rice presented to Pastor David Gallemore a South Carolina Senate Congratulatory Resolution on behalf of his 40th Anniversary as Pastor of RSBC. Rice said that not only do you have over 6,000 members to look over, but you have a large community that knows you well and knows you as an anchor to this community.

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Hundreds Will Assemble to Synergize and Mobilize in Order to Finalize the Great Commission by the 2,000th Birthday of the Church

ZURICH -- To coordinate and apply the collective time, energy and resources of the Global Church to finish the Great Commission, Global Church Network will welcome nearly 400 Christian leaders representing 39 European countries next week for the FINISH Europe Summit, to be held September 4-6, 2023, in Zurich, Switzerland.

For nearly 20 years, the Global Church Network has synergistically partnered with thousands of organizations and more than 700,000 churches, spanning virtually every denomination and world region. In 2017, they added a finish line: 2030 — the 2,000th birthday of the Church.

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DALLAS -- New Website Announcement: Every Black Life Matters (EBLM) endorses MyChurchFinder.org because it reduces the proliferation of wokeism and false gospels.

"Wokeism" and Marxism are antithetical to the Gospel.

The intersection of faith and culture is a subject of intense debate. As a result of the corrosive pressures of "wokeism," we've seen pastors make woke declarations about Jesus and the Gospel as they dramatically pivot toward cultural "syncretism." They are compromising the purity of the Gospel to "harmonize" with the ever-changing whims of a demonic worldly culture. Syncretism is a dangerous trend that corrupts the Gospel, and with this happening in churches, it's no wonder why many are now questioning their faith to the point of "deconstructing" their faith.

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UNANDERRA, Australia -- We ask the world to join with us in 21 days of Prayer & Fasting from Monday 28 August to Sunday the 17 September 2023. Our main objective is to pray for a global Awakening and billions to find Jesus Christ as their own Lord and Saviour for the glory of God. We are praying for a wave of the "Knowledge of the Glory of God" to engulf the globe.

Australian Prayer leaders with the World Prayer Assembly and the International Prayer Council are calling the world to join with them and believe together for a great Awakening to Christ across the earth for the glory of God.

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Empirical, scientific evidence to build case for faith-based prison programs

Empirical scientific evidence to build case for faith based prison programs

WASHINGTON -- Prison Fellowship International (PFI) and Pepperdine University, in partnership with the National Penitentiary and Prison Institute of Colombia (INPEC) and Prison Fellowship Colombia (PFC), announce a first-of-its-kind, multiyear study in Colombia's prison system to measure the efficacy of international prison programming in offender rehabilitation, recidivism reduction, and general correctional reform.

This experimental study will evaluate the effectiveness of PFI and PFC programs in changing prisoner attitudes, beliefs, and behavior. Findings will help identify specific, evidence-based best practices that drive meaningful change in the lives of prisoners and their families, as measured by changes in individual behavior, family unity, and prison culture.

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Integrity Music Reaches Milestone 1 Million YouTube Subscribers

BRENTWOOD, Tenn. -- Integrity Music recently celebrated surpassing one million subscribers on the label's YouTube channel – putting it in the top one percent of all channels on the platform.

Integrity Music's writers and artists produce some of the most familiar worship songs sung in churches around the world today, including "Way Maker" and "10,000 Reasons." Integrity Music is part of David C Cook, a nonprofit global resource provider serving the Church with life-transforming materials.

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