GCRP’s State Executive Committeeman Jeff Davis Is Passing Out “No Trespass Notices” to Women Who Are Starting to Ask Serious Questions

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According to Oxford, Gynophobia is a fear of women. This word comes from the Greek word γυνή - gunē, meaning "woman" and φόβος - phobos, "fear". Hyponyms of the term "gynophobia" include feminophobia. According to Wikipedia, Gynophobia or gynephobia is a morbid fear of women, a type of specific social phobia.

While as Greenville County Republican Party’s Chairman for the last two years and now currently as GCRP's State Executive Committeeman, Jeff Davis has been pushing County Executive Committeemen and precinct officers to come visit, what he started while chairman, the weekly Coffee and Politics gatherings. He would chide those who disagree with him for not coming to ask him questions and discuss their concerns. He claimed the purpose was transparency, openness, and his approachability.

Well, four women have decided to step up and take his challenge and apparently, Davis did not like it. These women and their precincts have been asking legit questions about past records of minutes, 2022 financial reports, and data-sharing agreements, especially during his tenure as chairman. These conservative ladies have started showing up for the weekly Coffee and Politics on Fridays from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. to ask as representatives of their precincts these legitimate questions. Something Davis asked them to do but all of a sudden he sings a different tune. What is Davis afraid of, what would be revealed if this information is provided?

The local Republican party claims on their website that these weekly Coffee and Politics meetings on Friday are opportunities “to get to know each other as well as to know our elected officials or special guests, as they will be inviting them to join us to provide legislative or special project updates.”

But visitors to these Coffee and Politics gatherings have reported that the GCRP officers under Davis’ leadership have been putting on bashing parties at these coffee meetings making fun of previous contenders such as the recent challenger to the GCRP Chairman position, Sam Manley. Manley has recently become County Captain in the Upstate of SC for Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign. Davis claims he is a MAGA supporter. Yet, he is making fun of a MAGA campaign contributor in his county? Four months later, they take the time to create a video and make fun of an official Donald Trump MAGA campaign county captain instead of going over future goals, campaigns, conservative and MAGA causes, and meeting with legislators.

Wait, what legislators, what elected officials, what candidates are coming to these meetings to meet with local Republicans? GCRP members would love to know who these guests are. These are the same MYSCGOP leaders under former Chairman Jeff Davis who refused to put up local Republican campaign signs at the County Republican headquarters this past 2022 general election.

Some Executive Committee members continue to ask for the financial reports and minutes of special meetings for the past year or so. They are yet to be seen. Others are still asking for more details about the so-called data access agreement which goes against what they wanted over two years ago. Then, they wanted all data out in the open and accessible, but now they are trying to get current GCRP members and other officers to sign a pledge agreement that they will not let the information they are asking for get out. What changed? Oh, that is right, they have been in charge for the past few years. Once more, we ask, what is Davis afraid of, what would be revealed if this information is provided?

No Trespass Notice Davis

Another issue is the actual “No Trespass Notice” seen above. It is clearly on Apogee Law Davis, P.C. letterhead displaying his Apogee Law Davis email and using GCRP headquarters address - clearly not on GCRP letterhead. We can rightly assume, that each one that Davis has sent to these four ladies refers to the GCRP headquarters as his business office. So, this begs the question: Who is paying for this office space? Who is subsidizing this space on his business's behalf? Do the other GCRP officers have offices at the said location? So, we asked again, what is the purpose of this personal office and is GCRP footing the bill?  Could his own "no trespass notice" become his “Achilles' heel.” I am sure these ladies and other Executive Committeemen will be glad to pursue this.

Who is running things over at the GCRP headquarters anyway? We thought they had a new chairman. Why is a “defunct” State EC appearing to be in charge and the one handing out “no trespass notices” at headquarters? Is this not the headquarters of the GCRP? Does not any GCRP Executive Committeemen have the right to be there until they are voted out by the body as a whole? Who gave this one man, who has been kicked out of the Republican Executive Committee, the authority to bully and tell executive committee women they have no right to be there to represent their precinct with lawful and legitimate questions?

Currently, Davis serves no purpose. He was elected as Greenville’s Executive Committeeman but has been kicked out of the body he was to serve as a representative of Greenville County to the State GOP level. He is defuncted and cannot even fulfill his duties, and yet he is handing out “No Trespass Notices?” The current chairman already has her hands full and now has to serve not only as GCRP’s chairman but also as GCRP's State Executive Committeeman by proxy. Why is the County Executive Committee not voting for a new State Executive Committeeman?

One more thing, Davis is actually sending these "no trespass notices" based on the ladies' association with a fellow county executive committee member who originally sent him a "No Trespass Notice." What? Yes, that is right, read the above notice. These ladies did nothing but associate with another legitimate executive committee member of the local party that he had a disagreement with and was served a "no trespass notice."

Watch out men, you are next!

I will assume that Davis will eventually complete his “phobia synthesis” by also developing “androphobia,” that is, the fear of men, and will start handing out “No Trespass Notices” to his gender cohorts to avoid what they call “agoraphobia,” which is the fear of avoiding situations that might cause panic and feelings of being trapped, helpless and embarrassed according to the Mayo Clinic.

Maybe it is time for Jeff Davis to find a social therapist because it looks like both women and men are not giving up on the information they are asking on behalf of their precincts.

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