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Saturday, April 20, 2024 - 12:47 PM


First Published in 1994


Time to Reduce the Size of County Government and Reverse the Tax and Regulation Increases

Dr Ben Carper with Family

Dr. Ben Carper is announcing he will be running as a candidate for Greenville County Council in District 20.

Ben Carper is a native of Greenville, South Carolina. Ben has a Bachelor of Arts, Master of Psychology, Doctor of Divinity, and Doctor of Sacred Literature. He taught high school for nine years and college for eight years. Ben has been a thriving real estate broker in the area for the past three decades that developers do not control. His background in real estate will enable him to battle on the turfs of the outside developers coming into our communities. He is passionate about the people of Greenville County and firmly believes in their potential to contribute towards a flourishing community.

Ben is a man of faith who understands that people want the opportunity to work, keep more of their money, be proud property owners, and enjoy a quality of life in their safe and secure communities.

Ben is committed to protecting Greenville County citizens from the massive intrusion and over-regulated actions of big government and its globalist partners. He plans to give taxpayers more power over their own money and to support the parental rights of the constituents of Greenville County. He plans to run as a true conservative Republican who takes no authority from anyone other than his trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and the citizens of Greenville County. He fully supports the local Greenville County GOP platform.

What Ben Carper is for:

  1. Advocating a strong belief in citizen control of Greenville County Government. Ben Carper believes that county taxpayers should have a say in local government and their voices should be heard. As a County Councilman, Ben will always be available to his constituents and will consider their thoughts on county policies, legislations, and actions before voting or acting. Ben is passionate about freedom of speech and ensures that the public has a say in their local government. Ben believes in reducing the size and scope of the county government's intrusion into the daily lives of its citizens.
  2. Lower taxes and less government spending. Ben will support policies that promote fiscal responsibility and transparent accountability. He will always find ways to reduce the tax burden on Greenville County citizens and make sure the taxpayer’s money is just that, their money and not the county’s money. Ben will promote deregulation to reduce the regulatory burden on small local businesses that have been the backbone of Greenville County.
  3. Resilience towards developments that affect county infrastructure. The era of reactionary politics is long gone. It's high time we took a preventive and proactive approach to address the developments that impact our county's infrastructure. As a council member, Ben believes it's necessary to ensure that any development plans for the county involve community input and planning to safeguard its infrastructure.
  4. The maintenance of a quiet, peaceable, and safe life in the county. Ben will ensure that the Greenville County Sheriff's Office has the tools, the funds, and the means to protect citizens, their families, their property, and their businesses. Ben has a red and blue heart for our local enforcement officers. He supports their efforts to secure our streets and neighborhoods by ensuring criminals are effectively incarcerated.

What Ben Carper is not for:

  1. The selling of our County to the highest bidder. The development leftists have been exploiting our local county for far too long. Ben intends to prioritize ensuring that all relevant parties take responsibility and appropriate actions for the communities they employ, invest in and develop.
  2. The wanton development of our area while giving no regard to the quality of life for the citizens already here. The significance of infrastructure in a residential development cannot be overemphasized as it is critical for its success. The presence of supporting infrastructure is essential for the growth of both new and old communities. Ben will always support sensible growth, well-planned development, and responsible improvements. But he will not do it at the expense of the citizens and their communities.
  3. Moral decay and rot are being forced upon us by national and international forces through the library system and public education. The Greenville County libraries should respect the moral values of the parents and not expose their children to content that may be inappropriate. As taxpayers, parents entrust their children to the county school district and expect transparency and accountability. Ben strongly believes in protecting parental rights and promoting responsible governance.
  4. The tyranny of a "select few" elitists controlling our lives. A group of influential people in Greenville are making decisions that impact the lives of many citizens without taking their concerns into account. Ben is in favor of giving power and authority back to the local citizens. He strongly believes in the principle of "We the People."
  5. Election fraud and non-citizens voting. Ben holds the belief that the Democrats are promoting illegal migration to the United States. The purpose is to register them as voters fraudulently and also to use this influx to redraw the district lines in their favor. According to statistics, the incidence of fraud has been observed to be higher in cities that are controlled by Democrats as compared to rural areas where many Conservatives reside.
  6. The implementation of the United Nations Agenda 2030. Ben is determined to prevent Agenda 2030 from being implemented within the borders of Greenville County. He strongly believes that the local government should be protected from any global interference that does not understand how to govern in Greenville County or respect its citizens' local values, as guaranteed by our state and federal constitution.
  7. The promotion and implementation of Cultural Marxism in society. Currently, there is a significant rise in promoting woke ideologies, rewarding negative behavior, supporting critical race theory, and implementing feminist ideology while ignoring women's rights in Greenville County. Ben is determined to take all essential measures to reject these ideologies and prevent them from becoming the norm in Greenville County.
  8. Elected county officials’ resentment of their constituents and treating the citizens as fools. It is becoming common for current county elected officials to harbor negative feelings toward their constituents and not take their opinions seriously. They ignore their concerns, dismiss their feedback, and fail to communicate with them effectively. Ben plans to maintain a healthy relationship with his constituents and be responsive to their needs and concerns.

Ben considers himself the only candidate who can properly fight for the citizens of District 20 with vicious tenacity and intellectual articulation. He is willing to defend their rights because they are also his rights as a citizen of Greenville County.

Ben will also lead the charge to reduce the size of county government and reverse the tax and regulation increases brought about by the current, left-leaning council. He says, "With six like-minded council members, providing the votes we need, we will have the most streamlined, efficient county government in the State with lower taxes than any county abutting Greenville."

Ben would appreciate your vote so we can work together to make Greenville County a thriving community where our families and friends may enjoy all that Greenville has to offer.


You can contact Ben Carper for County Council at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by phone at 864-630-3714. You can also visit his website at www.drbencarper.com.