History is full of ironies and unexpected outcomes. The woke globalists running the Biden regime — quite unintentionally — are destroying the Yankee empire born in 1865 -the same power structure they captured by election theft in 2020 and 2022 to forward their agenda. So evil, by its nature, tends to self-division and self-defeat, since it derives its enabling power parasitically from admixed elements of good. And the good in this case are the tens of millions of disfranchised, powerless and hapless Americans who work hard and love America.

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To push their agenda, sodomite groups are now funding billboards across the land that say, "GOD LOVES TRANS PEOPLE." While technically and Scripturally true, it is also technically and Scripturally true that "GOD LOVES MURDERERS AND RAPISTS AND CHILD MOLESTERS AND THIEVES, ETC., while He of course hates the sins of murder, rape, abuse and theft.

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The truth about homosexuality -- as being, at bottom, murderous personal confusion and lostness -- is now out of the closet. The "progressive" sodomite philosophy has spread like a deadening cancer across America and the West. Open homosexuals now live all among us, and hold positions of power and influence. In the name of love, and from cowardly fear of man, we have foolishly accepted filthy, butt-screwing depravity among our own kith and kin. So what was once, decades ago, a relatively quiet and peaceful appeal for tolerance and acceptance on the social periphery has now morphed, by inevitable and Biblically foreseen stages, into full-blown anti-Christian homo-tyranny and murder reminiscent of Lot's flight from Sodom.

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To the United States Congress:

Hear this, O foolish people of Congress, who are without understanding. Whose eyes cannot see and whose ears cannot hear.

For among you are found wicked men; you lie in wait as one who sets snares against the people. Who sets traps against your land. As a cage full of birds, so is congress full of deceit. Because your transgressions are many; your sins are increasing greatly. Should Congress be pardoned for this?

You commit adultery against the people by treacherous means and assemble yourselves as troops against the righteous and the weak. You are like well-fed lusty stallions as one seeking after your neighbor’s wife. Astonishing and horrible things have been committed in this land; the leaders talk falsely; the churches rule by their own power and not by GODs. Should Congress not be punished for these things? Shall not GOD take venges on such a nation of leaders as this? You who have sworn by those who are not gods!

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To those on former Greenville County Republican Party Chairman Nate Leupp's "side", there is NO argument you can make that will convince current Greenville County Republican Party Chairman Jeff Davis' supporters, stop trying. These people are so sucked into the religion of Jeff that they try to logic their way out of Jeff claiming Drew is basically the devil incarnate (figuratively) and yet somehow Trump himself choose Drew as VC of the RNC.

To those on Jeff's "side", there is no emotional appeal you can make to convince Nate's supporters, stop trying. However fervent your belief that the republican system in SC is broken you will NEVER convince the long-term members and volunteers to work alongside you, EVER.

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