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Sunday, July 21, 2024 - 03:19 PM


First Published in 1994


Watch what they do - listen to what they say.

Socialism and Communism

In the last business meeting of the GCRP, held on October 2, 2023, the creation of a “Committee on Discipline” was proposed by a member and elected officer of the party to our GCRP Chairman. The proposed “Committee on Discipline” was followed by the introduction of the proposal as a motion under new business, as it was out of order and did not follow the Roberts Rules of Order as it should be. This proposed “committee” appears to be a tactic out of the socialist-communist playbook of the Former Soviet Union and other socialist-communist-led countries and their disciplinary methods.

As someone who comes from a family that suffered the injustices, abuse, and persecutions inflicted by the socialist-communist government during the Second Republic, which was notorious for its brutal and indiscriminate persecution and massacres of unarmed civilians. The torture and killing of Catholics, Christians and people with religious affiliations. The destruction of churches, monasteries, art, archives, and historical text by the socialist-communist. Nothing was sacred to these salvages. I cannot, and I will not remain silent.

Both my parents also survived a brutal Civil War against the socialist-communist regime. They continued witnessing firsthand the destruction, persecution, and widespread killings inflicted upon innocents’ lives. The eradication of religion and the destruction of anything the socialist-communists deemed an enemy of the cause. As their daughter. I cannot, and I will not remain silent.

Furthermore, my parents endured a lengthy period of oppressive dictatorship, under which I was born. As the daughter of parents who also survived this period, the struggles they faced, and the miseries they endured I cannot, and I will not remain silent.

As the daughter of parents who survived the miseries, the destruction, the isolation, the hunger, the shattered dreams, the loss of purpose, and the indelible mark left on them by the socialist-communist, I cannot, in good conscience, remain silent, and I will not.

Adding to my conviction that I cannot, and will not remain silent, are the incessant attacks and insults I have personally faced in my home country, and in my present country for my staunch conservative beliefs, by socialist-communist and extreme liberals. I cannot simply turn a blind eye, and I will not.

Therefore, I assert my right to express my thoughts and beliefs, openly and without hesitation, under my First Amendment rights. I am resolute in my opposition to oppressive ideologies that have caused immense suffering and continue to inflict suffering. I and also resolute in my opposition against any person, any proposal or any act that wants to suppress those rights in an old-fashioned communist way.

The motion introduced to the GCRP Chairman - a former long-time Democrat, who shifted to the Republican Party a few years ago - for the establishment of a “Committee on Discipline.” I commend her for embracing this change of heart. As free Americans, the member and elected officer of the party who introduced the motion has the freedom to propose any committee that aligns with his/her personal goals and ambitions. Likewise, our elected GCRP Chairman possesses the authority to either approve or reject such requests. Considering our current GCRP Chairman's history as a long-time Democrat, who previously supported and voted for the people responsible for the detrimental effects on our Country, it would be prudent for her to carefully consider this proposal. As a long-time, Democrat, she should be remarkably familiar with the tactics, the manipulation, and the abuse of the left. If she really, and honesty has had a change of heart, she has the opportunity to demonstrate her commitment to the Republican Party and its platform by standing with the freedoms and rights of "we the people" and elected precinct offices. As a Republican and as Chairman, it is imperative that she align herself with those who advocate for transparency in our GCRP, without any hesitation. Her decision will serve as a testament or her integrity, prudent and unbiased nature, as well as how much of a Republican, and conservative she has become.

The main intention behind the proposed “Committee on Discipline” is to penalize and repress individuals or aspirants who voice opposing opinions. Who are the members that are going to act as the judge, juror, and executor of the kangaroo court? Will any members of the party who openly express dissent be entrusted with any responsibility in the committee? I have serious doubts. It is my prediction that the fifteen EC, who prioritize transparency in our GCRP will be the first casualties of this travesty. Additionally, I predict the author of this article will be facing similar consequences. Others will follow.

“Show me the men and I will find you the crime.” - Lavrentiy Beria, Head of the NKVD (People’s Commissariat of Internal Affairs.)

During the rule of socialist-communists in the former Soviet Union and other socialist-communist-led countries, several committees were instituted, and a few examples are provided below.

  • The Party Control Committee was responsible for enforcing party discipline among members and candidates who expressed dissenting views.
  • The Central Party Control Committee serves as the supreme authority within the party. It was predominantly governed by a small group of individuals who perceived themselves as superior.
  • The Party State Control Committee was a grassroots movement dedicated to ensuring the achievement of the party’s objectives.
  • The People’s Control Committee initially consisted of party volunteers but later transitioned to professional staff entrusted with enforcing disciplinary measures.

During the socialist-communist regime these so-called “superior leaders” employed various committees, as mentioned above, to exercise control, manipulate, denigrate, eradicate, and punish those who resisted their cause and do not alight with the adoration of the “leader.”

The propaganda disseminated within our GCRP by some members is reminiscent of the tactics employed by the Former Soviet Union and other socialist-communist-led countries, as it follows the principles of communist propaganda- a political strategy employing agitation and propaganda techniques.

AGITPROP, short for agitated propaganda. Agitprop founded his application in the Former Soviet Union and other socialist-communist-led countries. The primary objective of this propaganda was to diffuse beliefs that were often distorted, either partially true or not true at all. Initially, it was propagated to a small group of people, it then expanded its influence by recruiting new members who aligned with the cause. Manipulation and mind control were employed to suppress independent thinking. This propaganda was further sustained through daily doses of psychological manipulation, misinformation, distortion of truth, and denial of actual evidence and facts. One example displaying the application of this propaganda can be found in the daily publications by some members and no so members of our part. This communication employed various tactics, including victim card playing. For instance, they would highlight scenarios like “Escorted out of the meeting by police officers.” Additionally, false accusations are also prominent, such as labeling all individuals who do fall for their propaganda as “RINOS and corrupted politicians” or claiming that dissenters have personal ambitions or political aspirations. Numerous similar examples can be cited as well.

Agitation characterizes “a state of excitement, disturbance, or worry, often characterized by persistent urging of a political or social cause or theory. It can also involve displaying hostile behavior at times” When it comes to effectively spreading such agitation through propaganda, meetings and lectures play a crucial role. A prime example of successful agitated propaganda is witnessed in events like “political-educational meetings - get together with a shot of caffeine,” where gatherings are orchestrated to induce mental confusion, generate false alarms, and hopes, and foster a contrived sense of unity among the participants. The organizers control and manipulate the narrative, convincing the participants that they possess the virtues necessary to rescue and save our Republic at various levels, be it between the County or the State. It is uncertain to what other levels the self-proclaimed leaders of the Ministry of Truth and Transparency, who claim to be the “good ones” aspire. Their target includes longtime Republicans and conservative individuals deemed as class enemies of our Party, as “RINOS and corrupted politicians” along with We the People or anyone impeding or obstructing their agenda.

Another tool of agitation propaganda involves daily emails and news updates. A prime example can be found in the “non-profit” organization, operating as an educational institution under the guise of Social Science Research. As explained in an article from Psychology Today, it states, “The field of social sciences is dominated by individuals with predominantly left-leaning ideologies, including an extraordinary overrepresentation of radicals, activists, and extremists.” The individuals operating within this organization employ tactics typically associated with the left. Their actions bear a striking resemblance to the methods employed by the leftists, displaying a total disregard for boundaries. They aim to acquire and maintain control while exercising control over their followers through divisive strategies to promote instability. Manipulation through intimidation, involvement in multiple lawsuits, mistreatment and defamation of individuals, purges, and ultimately, punishment of the dissenters are the means by which they operate. The consequences of these disgraceful and tyrannical practices have tarnished the reputation of our GCRP and its leadership.

The purpose of the “Committee on discipline” proposed by the member and elected officer of the GCRP is clear. First. It seeks to restrict our freedom to express dissent, voice our opinions, and act in accordance with our personal beliefs, principles, and morals, not just in the political realm but also at an individual level.

Secondly, it aims to strip us, as Elected EC Precinct Officers, of our legally granted rights by infringing in our freedom of speech and impeding our ability to raise concerns, uncover irregularities, request official documents, and expose corruption and abuse within our own GCRP. These actions are prompted by a perceived threat to the individual or individual’s political and financial aspirations – the pursuit of power and money.

Lastly, such a proposition exudes an air of arrogance, leading people to believe that the individual or individuals behind it consider himself or themselves indispensable and unstoppable. However, history has shown that even those in positions of great authority have eventually faced downfall and defeat.

“You can fool all the people some of the time, and some people all the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.” - Abrahan Lincoln

America, being a young nation, has not directly experienced the detrimental consequences brought about by socialist-communism – the suffering, tragedy, and destruction associated with this harmful and criminal ideology. While they may keep you alive if it serves their interests, communism strips away your personal liberty, your right to pursue happiness, and is undermining the very essence of life. They kill your soul and crush your dreams.

Many Americans, particularly the younger generations, possess limited knowledge about socialist-communism ideology, the havoc it brings, and the miseries it creates. They are generally unaware of the history of socialist-communism, or the historical tactics they employ and how they manage to infiltrate over time. The socialist-communist ideology infiltrated our Country a long time ago and now Americans are gradually awakening to the repercussions and the havoc is creating in our society. But most Americans are still sleeping, still believing that suck thing will never happen on American soil, to us, especially those leaving in a conservative State, we are beginning to witness the impact right here, within our GCRP and our community. Twenty-seven years ago, I arrived in this country alongside my husband, an American Navy Chief, and our two-year-old daughter. Leaving behind my wonderful family, including my loving father and brothers, my friends, and my thirteen-year-long career at the Justice Department - a dream job of mine. I made a conscious choice to move from a free country to the ultimate land of the free. This decision remains one that I have never regretted. Over the years, I have developed a profound love for America and its people. My commitment is to safeguard the freedoms I hold dear.

During the course of these twenty-seven years, I have sadly observed how the socialist-communist ideology that infiltrated our country long ago, has been gradually infecting many institutions and many aspects of American life. How the erosion of our Congress and our Senate is becoming beyond redemption. How our government cannot be trusted, and how it has become the enemy of the regular American people who love this Country and want to save it. How the globalist socialist-communist, have seized control over our Country, our States, our Counties, and our Towns. I see how we are about to fall off the cliff, and when we fall into the abyss, there is no going back. Not by legal means, not by elections, not by peaceful means. That is why it is of vital importance that we ensure and protect our freedoms and our rights at all levels, and stand up against any deceived ways, any act of deception, any oppression or any deceptive person that will lead us into tyranny.

“Socialists ignore the side of men that is the spirit. They can provide you shelter; they can fill your belly with bacon and beans, treat you when you're ill, all things guaranteed to a prisoner or a slave. They don't understand that we also dream.” - Ronald Reagan