I would never have believed that I would live to see the day when an election would be so openly stolen and then the mechanisms of government weaponized in plain view to trespass upon and to attempt to criminalize the political player who just had his landslide election taken from him. And the assaulting party did it with a straight face, claiming the rule of law. But we should not be surprised, for criminal activity to seize power and then to cover up its confiscation has been going on since Cain killed Abel.

It is easy to lull oneself into complacency, thinking, “They would never do THAT. This is AMERICA!” But one who continues to think that does not begin to know American history, for that is EXACTLY what has been done to us, and from America’s very beginnings. And it is the same forces of evil, if separated by generations, that seek to steal, kill and destroy, taking away from the values and the valuables that made America great. The fact that we would say or think “They would never …" indicates that we know, innately, that there IS a “they” - someone who is not US and who opposes us.

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So, we go into the cosmic restaurant of the universe, help ourselves to a table, sit down, pick up a menu and read. After a minute we snap our fingers and God walks over, an apron around his waist and a pad and pencil in his hands. “What can I get you?” he asks. And we proceed to name off the things that we want. God writes them down, then asks, “Will that be all?” “For now,” we reply, “but I reserve the right to come back whenever I want and order up whatever I want then, and I know that you’ll ALWAYS honor my All You Can Eat For Free coupon – for life – right, God?”

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Why? Come on, Lord! You KNOW why. Didn’t I walk down an aisle and recite a sinner’s prayer? Didn’t I get water baptized – all the way submerged! - and join the church? Didn’t I do everything that the preacher said to do?

Didn’t I graduate from a Christian school and then go to a Christian college? Didn’t I major in religious studies, and wasn’t I very religious? Didn’t I keep my hair cut short and not listen to rock music, including Contemporary Christian Music? Didn’t I marry a Christian girl in a Christian wedding in a Christian church? 

Wasn’t I in church every time the doors were open, not just Christmas and Easter? Didn’t I put money in the offering plate every time it was passed? Didn’t I tithe over and above the 10%? 

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Don't insult me with your mask.

It's on your face. You didn't ask.

You just blindly strapped it there,

Then leered at me like I “don't care.”

You act like you're afraid of me,

But a mask on you is meant to be

A barrier to protect me from you.

So are you sick? I'm asking you.

You drive around within your car

And whether going near or far

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Some are driven to just believe whatever the doctor / lawyer / judge / preacher / talking-head says. The fact that we must resort to “alternative media” platforms to publish inconvenient truths is evidence that most just tend to flow the direction of the current, not actively engaged in critical thinking but tending to believe the “authorities.” No matter that the struggle of mankind since Adam and Eve engaged with the serpent has been obedience to God’s call to use the gifts that He gave us, including a reasoning, thinking mind, to uncover the truth about the claims that confront us. It was, therefore, only a matter of time before a defender of the status quo would arise to challenge this writer’s challenges to the allegations of a real pandemic, driven by a real virus, and being fought by a real vaccine. As has been clearly stated here over the past few weeks, none of that is true, but don’t just take my word for it.

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Don’t get me wrong: COVID is very real. It’s just not to be found in a laboratory … nor to be discovered in a person’s body by testing … nor to be prevented by any so-called vaccine … nor to be slowed by cloth masks or social distancing. In THAT sense – the sense alleged when alluded to by those who use the term “the science” or “I follow the science” – COVID is not real. Not at all. But it IS very real … in another way. As a psy-op. As psychological warfare. As theater. As an object of fear. As fearmongering. As spin. As manipulation. As a political tool to steal elections, to drug the masses, to effect change internationally, and, yes, to kill.

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Dumbed down by generations of “public schooling,” drugged into mindlessness and mediocre health by the petrochemical pharmaceutical cartel, lured into idolatry and unquestioning obedience by religious institutions, ensnared by contracts masquerading as law by the Big Government private “law” industry, fed a constant stream of lies and fantasies by Hollywood and Big Media, Americans – if not the entire world – have fallen for the greatest con game ever constructed since Satan lured Adam and Eve into giving up God’s best for them and all of their progeny in the Garden of Eden. Although it entails way more than just an alleged virus, it can be encapsulated here in the term “COVID.” 

But it is ALL a lie.

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So, yeah, I had COVID last month.

You what?

I had COVID.

Really? What’d that feel like?

Well, I had a fever, a cough, sore throat, I ached all over …

You mean like the flu?

Yeah, only it was COVID.

How do you know it wasn’t just the regular flu?

Well, the doctor said so, and then I did have a test.

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They are everywhere – people with masks across their faces, covering their mouths and noses, making breathing difficult, opting to keep rebreathing the toxic exhaust that their bodies were designed to get rid of, all in the name of improving the Creator’s design – stupefied people who have lost the ability to think for themselves. Whether they believe there is a real virus threat and that the masks will help, or they aren’t sure what they believe and are just going along to not make waves, they telegraph a Truman Show reality that is all contrived. 

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Regimes come to power in all sorts of ways. Your Civics class likely taught you that American presidents rise to that office by means of Americans voting – one man, one vote, on a state-by-state basis – and that, while “voting rights” have changed significantly in the past 200 years, our “democratic” way of voting is supposed to produce the freest elections in the world. True students of American history realize that, factually, Constitutional free elections have not been ours since at least 1861 and the regime of Lincoln. But, for the sake of argument, let’s say that American voting processes in our “constitutional republic” are effective at producing a presidential administration that is the desired choice of the majority of the States’ (the “republican” part of “constitutional republic”) votes as expressed via the Electoral College. That all went out the window a year ago after COupVID had ginned up such mass hysteria that a plurality of Americans – who would have been delighted at that point to have been able to successfully obtain toilet paper by mail – had been manipulated to willingly forego free and fair elections, limited only to lawful voters who followed long-standing legal processes to be identified as such at the time of voting, and to allow instead mail-in and/or drop-off voting that could be (and then WAS) manually and electronically manipulated to throw the “election” to a doddering dictator wannabe. Why? Because for the previous four years America had been challenged to change (Make America Great Again) – and was in the process of being changed – back into something much closer to the vision of our Founding Fathers than we had experienced in over 160 years, under the leadership of a take-no-prisoners non-politician. THIS was the freedom-preserving reason for the First Amendment, and we collectively failed the challenge. 

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They came to escape an oppressive, unlawful government. They came not as rebels, for they were anything but, but as law-keepers, not unwillingly self-bound to obey the laws of nature and of nature’s God, including to honor their agreements with the king. 

Many had experienced a repressive church, aimed not at drawing anyone nearer to God but at exercising and deepening its control over its adherents. That control had taken many forms – from placing autocratic authority into the hands of mortal men to manipulating English translations of the very Word of God to seem to command, from the voice of God Himself, submission to men in “biblical offices.”

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Has God called us to be fruitful? Of course. So why, then, aren’t we? Be careful; let’s not just find someone to blame besides ourselves.

I’ll admit that I grew up in blame-placing, excuse-making environment. I don’t think I am alone in that. It’s easy today, for example, to blame liberal Democrats for everything … or the boss who failed to give you that promised raise … or the idiot who’s driving too slowly in front of you. But it misses the point that God wants us to learn, learn from, and develop new ground rules to live by.

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Jesus speaking: “Again, heaven’s kingdom realm is like the wealthy man who went on a long journey and summoned all his trusted servants and assigned his financial management over to them.  Before he left on his journey, he entrusted a bag of five thousand gold coins to one of his servants, to another a bag of two thousand gold coins, and to the third a bag of one thousand gold coins, each according to his ability to manage.

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Religionists have required of would-be converts to Christianity to not only adopt Jesus as Lord, which lordship is not readily comprehended in our current cultural context anyway, but also to adopt another culture that is, in fact, extra-biblical. And “extra” in this sense does not mean MORE (as in “an extra scoop of ice cream” or MORE biblical); it actually means the opposite.

“Extra” means “additional, beyond the usual, outside.” For example, as “extra-legal” means “occurring outside the law, not governed by law, lawless; being beyond the province of authority of law,” Congress is now embroiled in a political effort – a coup, actually – to take down the duly-elected President of the United States. It is not a LEGAL battle – it is extra-legal – in that it is not governed by the law, by that which is legal, by actual written law, but by POLITICS: i.e., it is purely a political act outside of the law. That does not make it IL-legal; it simply means that it is not a LEGAL act, played out in and according to the established, published rules of the legal arena of the law – it is POLITICAL.

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Some time back, I came across the 7 Mountain idea, a.k.a. the 7 Mountain Theology, which posits that there are seven “mountains” of societal influence: Religion, Family, Education, Government, Media, Arts & Entertainment, and Business. Some would hold that “religion” is the one that contains God and so, therefore, it should dominate over the others. (We see how well that has worked out every time it’s been tried.) But the bottom line is that all seven (except Family), in their institutional formats, are the creations of men, and that – to the extent that reality and truth exists in each one – God is in them ALL.

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Is God threatened by the impeachment investigation against President Trump? To the thinking, God-knowing mind, that question is ludicrous on its face, but many people act as if they don't really believe in the sovereignty of God. Or maybe even more to the point, as if God really cares (like it could upset His plans or interfere with His power) who our president is. Now, granted, many of us believers have been rightfully excited by the presidency of Donald Trump, as he has done many wonderful things while serving in the Oval Office that no other president before has ever done. But while that is good, we ought not to hang our hats entirely upon the personal supremacy of this likeable and excellent president.

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